What Every Woman Should Know About Men – 5 Little Known Facts

1. Men love women.i. They just love women. It seem to me that they are wired to look for women and a lot of people will talk about this whole thing about lesbianism and homosexuality. Even if you look at that very carefully you will find that people who are in so called homosexual relationship one of them switch roles right. So there is something that attract the feminine and the masculine that attract each other powerfully. There is another thing I need to tell you about men. If you don’t understand this then you won’t really grasp some of the things that happen.ii. Men depend on women much more than they realize or care to admit. Just think of it – over 90% of men marry and they remarry quicker than women when their partner dies or leave. Studies also show that widowers tend to die quicker than widows. Men find it very difficult to live without women.iii. Women provide a safe haven and soft companionship; he just cannot get from other men. iv. Women not only care for men emotionally but they care for them physically making sure that they eat when they should, get proper rest, go to the doctors, take their medicines etc.v. Women help men to access the soft side to them. Men tend to be highly competitive and usually always consciously or unconsciously on the lookout for any moves another man may make to gain the upper hand with him. He does not necessarily feel this with a woman; hence he could let down his guard and explore genuine intimacy.2. Men love power and success.i. Men love power and I want that to sink in. Men love be on top, in control, in command and in leadership positions. They will even kill to achieved such ends. This may have harp back to our hunter gather times. The leader and top men of the pack were given respect and reverence. They were able to get the best and most choices of women. The higher up the hierarchy of power you were the lest likely you will be to be attacked or picked on, in fact you may have gotten thee by physically beating up everyone. This legacy is still with us only that it takes different forms of gang fights, countries controlling weaker nations and men domestically dominating women.ii. Men also love success. They have an actual outward compulsion to succeed and they want to be seen as been successful. So they work tremendously hard to accumulate outward trappings of success. Expensive, fast and luxury cars, winning competitions and getting trophies, owning houses, brandishing expensive jewelry/cologne, building well formed muscles, name brand clothes – all external trappings of success. These make them feel powerful and accomplished. If a man doesn’t have the trapping of success it directly affects his ego.iii. The problem with all of this is that men often try to get success even to the point of neglecting women. This does not mean that they are willfully neglecting or love their partners any less.3. Men want to be attractive to womeni. They want to be attractive to the opposite sex too. That is why you would see men work hard to get their car, their houses; they wear tons of designer things. These are trappings that show success, which in turn attract women. Why? While women do like their men to look good, their ability to provide and protect are much more prized than good looks. Again this programming may be the remnants of seeing some men who return from the hunt with meat while others did not. No amount of looks could atone for the hunger the family felt, having a good provider was insurance from starvation.4. Men love sex.I realize you would already know that. But you may not know why men are so hung up on sex. Let me quickly reveal why sex is so important to men:A. The first one is of course it’s enjoyable!!! .B. The second thing is that, sex is one of those few things or few areas in life, where men get closest to another human being. Women like you could sit down, chat, laugh, comb each other’s hair and play, You could sit on each others laps, kiss, cuddle and be affectionate, without any disapproval. Women have ding dong relationships. . Women have girl night out, they sit down they talk, they have fun. . Whereas men don’t do that. Here in the west, it’s almost taboo. Men don’t talk as much. Men don’t interact as much and when two men get together there is always competitiveness. They stand each other off, whereas for women as they come close to a woman they relate better. So sex provide the close encounter men so innately want with another human being. And at the same time they use sex to communicate.C. Sex not only is enjoyable to the man but also it is a time when a man communicate his deepest feeling that he is afraid to verbalize or don’t have the skill to verbalize.D. Thirdly men love sex because it is an ego trip for him. He just likes to score. The more women he scores on the bigger and better he feels. It blows up his ego. Even in the animal kingdom you will find that the monkeys or any animal that is at the top of the rank have sex with the most women. It is a status symbol.E. And lastly but surely not least, men love sex because it is through that means or method that they reproduce themselves. Men love sex.5. Men find it difficult to be intimatea. This is very frustrating to women. They simply cannot comprehend why men don’t get it.b. However men are not trained in the art of relating and caring on an intimate level. It is quite scary, threatening and difficult for him to completely drop his defenses for a long time and let people into his inner world. Early in his masculine training he was taught not to reveal emotions. Women on the other hand were encouraged to share emotions and feelings. Women seem to have antennas that can readily spot when someone is hurting emotionally. They would automatically reach out and care. Men however live with the ‘war zone’ syndrome, they are usually blind to this. This is why women are baffled at the fact some men are not in-tune with how they feel.

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